The Croatian Chamber of Economy is an independent professional and business organization of all legal entities that carry out an economic activity in the Republic of Croatia. It was founded in 1852 on the European tradition of the so-called continental type chamber, following the example of our largest trading partners.

As an institution representing, promoting and protecting the interests of the Croatian economy at home and abroad with a network of contacts within local development agencies, development banks, state institutions and economic associations around the world, the Croatian Chamber of Economy helps in the process of finding business partners, co-finances participation at fairs and offers extensive information about international tenders. It organizes a series of trainings, such as: how to apply for EU funding, on micro and macro financing opportunities, business operations in particular markets, etc.

Also, the Chamber is a key link between government bodies and the business community, so its members realize their interests through professional associations in the associations and communities that discuss all aspects of business and influence economic policy makers in order to create better conditions and change laws and regulations. Each member of the Chamber belongs to an association according to their registered activity or associations which link several activities. There are 63 professional associations and 42 communities in the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Along with the Head Office in Zagreb and the Zagreb Chamber, there are nineteen county chambers throughout Croatia and the Office for Areas of Special State Concern in Knin, enabling the understanding of local entrepreneurial needs and particularities. In order to provide the best quality support to Croatian companies for their participation in foreign markets, the Croatian Chamber of Economy offers the possibility to use its services abroad, in Brussels, Moscow, Shanghai, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Mostar.

The CCE has the largest database on the Croatian economy. It is the first public institution in the Republic of Croatia, since 2005, that has introduced and certified a quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard, with all the county chambers being included along with the Head Office.

The activity of the Croatian Chamber of Economy incorporates a number of areas determined by the Law and the Statute of the Croatian Chamber of Economy and numerous special regulations for the transfer of public authorities. The Chamber’s knowledge base is extremely strong, with data, contacts and network of business partners in the country and abroad. It serves as a reliable source of information for all Croatian companies, their foreign partners and foreign investors.


  • consulting on financing conditions
  • lobbying during drafting and amending laws and regulations
  • free tax advice
  • connecting domestic and foreign business entities
  • Catalogue of Croatian Products – facilitates the path of your product towards the public procurement customer
  • free education / seminars / conferences / expert meetings
  • database tailored to your needs
  • co-financing and organization of performances at fairs and exhibitions
  • visual marking of quality Croatian products with markings Hrvatska kvaliteta (Croatian Quality) and Izvorno hrvatsko (Croatian Creation)
  • promotion of Croatian products through the deals Kupujmo hrvatsko (We buy Croatian), Drvo je prvo (Wood is first) and Riba Hrvatske–Jedi što vrijedi (Croatian Fish – Eat what is worth it)
  • use of the CCE halls for promotions, meetings and events
  • Service Poduzetnik–izvoznik (Entrepreneur-Exporter) – finding a market and partners for your product and service
  • tenders in international biddings tailored to your needs (
  • organization of business meetings and business to business (B2B) conversations
  • organization of international delegations in the country and abroad
  • information on foreign markets
  • Information on NATO tenders
  • information on investment projects in the Republic of Croatia
  • providing assistance in using pre-accession and structural funds and the EU Cohesion Fund
  • analysis of economic trends
  • Register of economic operators interested in participating in NATO’s tenders
  • out-of-court settlement of disputes between business entities
  • the Zlatna kuna (Golden Kuna) award for successful operations to the best companies
  • The Indeks DOP-a (CSR) award for Corporate Social Responsibility
  • issuing professional publications
  • vouchers for consolidated versions of laws
  • Center for Industrial Development – implementation of national innovation and smart specialization strategy (CIRAZ)

Unique contact point – an online portal providing information on the regulations and formalities to be fulfilled for the performance of service activities