“In addition to exchanging insights into the grain industry, we always try at our Congress conferences to think about our business in a rapidly changing world:

  • What does the heating of the planet mean for wheat production in Europe and how will the sector respond to climate change?
  • Will Russia ambition to become the major wheat player on the continent come to reality and overcome the logistic burden?
  • Will Donald Trump disdain for the global trading system trigger the end of rule-based trading and greater insecurity in commodity markets?
  • What is the future of food and why is it important to understand fake news and cognitive sociology today to understand new consumer behaviours that shape the food demand?
  • How will the flour milling industry go digital in the new economy?

We are looking forward to exploring such questions with leading experts in their fields, whose insights can help us make sense of the complex environment through which we currently have to steer our businesses.“